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07 March 2010 @ 11:02 am
Wes in NBC Pilot  
It's pilot season in LA! And Wes is slated to star in NBC's new drama "The Event". He will be co-starring with Blair Underwood (Simon Elder from "Dirty Sexy Money"), Laura Innes (Dr Kerry Weaver from "ER") & Jason Ritter (Kevin Girardi from "Joan of Arcadia").

"The Event" is a thriller chronicled from multiple points of view that centers on Sean (Jason Ritter), a regular man fighting his way through the mysterious circumstances of a conspiracy to assassinate the U.S. president (Blair Underwood).

The recently-elected President, originally envisioned as "a poised Hispanic JFK," is described as smart, honest, confident and doing a good job at hiding his relative inexperience. He is a family man and a man of faith who truly wants to do good.

"The Event" was first conceived by writer Nick Wauters a few years ago, before Barack Obama's 2008 election as the U.S.' first black president.

Underwood, who is about the same age as Obama, was a supporter of the former Illinois Senator in his presidential campaign and spoke at several Obama rallies.

This is the second black president on a major U.S. TV series following Dennis Haysbert's turn on the first season of Fox's "24."