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09 June 2009 @ 01:10 am
Wes Leaving Days  
"Days of our Lives" Casting News

Those crazy kids on "Days of our Lives" just can't seem to stay put. Now that Stephanie's been rescued from the morgue in which Owen had stashed her, Wes Ramsey will be catching the next train out of town.

Since that leaves room at the inn, Casey Jon Dedrick joins the cast on June 19th as Chad. Apparently, Chad shares a past with Mia (which makes us wonder: Is he her baby daddy??)

And the final bit of news out of Salem is that Mark Hapka has been cast as Nathan, Maggie's grandson and a new intern at the hospital. (We're not totally sure just how he's related to Maggie, but we're guessing he's her adopted daughter Melissa's son -- remember her?) Look for Nathan to cross with Melanie, which means "future love interest" as far as we're concerned.

Are you sad to see sexy Wes Ramsey go? We know a few folks at SOAPnet HQ will be.


Also, here are a few pics of Wes on Days from that website.